What You CAN Do For Your Fertility When “Everything is on Hold”

By Erin McCollough 

These are unprecedented times in our world as COVID-19 has disrupted our normal routines and way of life. For those of you struggling with infertility and seeking fertility treatment, the PAUSE necessitated by clinic closures and cancelled treatment cycles has caused understandable frustration and heartbreak. If you’ve been in one of my programs or attended a Roadmap to Miracles Masterclass with me, you will have heard me say that even while so much of the fertility journey is outside of your control, there is also so much that you CAN do to support your fertility. It’s empowering to focus on what you CAN control, and that is no less true right now. So here are some ideas of what you can do for your fertility when everything is on hold:

01 Rest and Heal

Woman sitting at a table looking troubled

Those who succeed on the fertility journey know that taking a break is essential to well-being. Years of trying to conceive either naturally or with assistance takes a toll on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Whether a break is chosen or imposed, it can be an excellent opportunity to give yourself a well-deserved rest. It is normal to feel that there is no time to lose when the biological clock is ticking and time is of the essence. However, I know that women who take a break and use it to regroup feel calmer, stronger, and better able to make decisions that serve them. Give yourself permission to let go for a little bit. That doesn’t mean that you’re letting go of your dream of having a child, but it does mean being gentle with yourself and acknowledging everything you have been through. It means acknowledging your feelings. It means reaching out to a therapist, fertility coach or support group if you’re feeling like this is all too much. It means focusing on self-care and what brings you joy. It also means that the most powerful source of motivation and clarity on how to move forward comes from a place of inner connection and being. 

Using a break to take care of you is one of the best things you can do for your fertility.

02 Listen to Your Body

Woman laying down with pillow under her back

Nutrition and exercise are common lifestyle adjustments that people can make to boost their fertility naturally. There are so many different perspectives on what is the right diet or the right amount and type of exercise that the options can feel overwhelming. You may ask the advice of a doctor, coach, or alternative healthcare provider for guidance. Remember that there is no one magic formula for success so it’s important to pay attention to what feels right for you. Use this break to really listen to your body – do you feel best eating keto, paleo or some other diet? Do you find swimming, biking, walking, yoga, or some other form of moderate exercise boosts your energy?

Feel confident knowing that whatever lifestyle changes you make now will serve your fertility down the road.

03 Nurture Your Mindset

Woman writing in a journal

While it makes sense to focus on your physical body when trying to conceive, don’t forget to also nurture your mindset. The mind-body connection is a powerful one and if you are constantly sending negative messages to your body, your body just may keep meeting your expectations. If you believe that you’ll never get pregnant, your body might take that as its directive. We also know that stress does not support fertility but rather kicks your fight-or-flight instincts into gear, slowing or shutting down reproduction because your body senses danger. It is easy to see how your mindset can negatively affect your fertility, but the good news is that you can also use your mindset to support your fertility. Practicing affirmations (download your free fertility affirmation deck HERE) can be a simple yet powerful way to begin shifting your mindset. Meditation is another useful tool to support mindset (download free course HERE with meditation). Finally, notice what you’re feeding your mind and choose to take in podcasts, books and even people who will lift you up and help you believe in possibility!

meditation quotes

04 Practice Gratitude

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by everything that is not working, especially when what you want most of all feels elusive and is staring you in the face as a big empty void. Noticing those things in your life that you are grateful for helps you to shift your perspective from lack and scarcity to abundance. And abundance breeds more abundance. Once gratitude becomes a habit, you can’t help but notice the gifts all around you which prepares you to receive the gifts that are still coming to you. 

Gratitude is THE magnet for miracles. 

05 Find Your Tribe

Women sitting in a cirlce supporting one another

Building your village is also not on hold.  Connecting with fellow fertility warriors who understand the challenges and breakthroughs of the fertility journey is something that you can do right now. Not only can you receive support from women who ‘get it,’ you can also pay it forward by sharing what you’ve learned and offering support to someone else who may be having a tough day. Lifting up someone else can be one of the quickest ways to lift yourself as well. Women tell me all the time how much the circles of support in the Fertile Hope  IGNITE Your Fertility Membership, and weekly Zoom meetups, have helped them to feel less alone and how they have developed friendships for life.

There is no such thing as too much support when you’re navigating the often lonely waters of a fertility struggle.

06 Create the Life You Want to Live

Women sitting on the ground hugging

So many other aspects of your life get put on hold when you’re in the throws of trying to conceive. Taking time to strengthen your relationships with your partner or circle of close friends is an excellent use of this extra time that you’ve got while on a break. Re-engaging in the activities and hobbies you love can be reinvigorating. Creating space in your home by decluttering and organizing it in a way that you enjoy and makes space for baby can also boost your energy. Send a message out to the Universe that you’re ready to welcome a baby whenever your time comes. 

While there are so many things that are outside of your control when it comes to your fertility, there are also many things that you can do right now to help you live your best life in the now and support your fertility success in the future. Engaging in those things that are within your control rather than focusing on what you can’t, will help you step into your power.

You’ve got this!


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