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Fertile Hope Yoga is the best club I never wanted to join

Nobody wants to sign up for this and I didn’t think I needed yoga. It’s the best club I never wanted to join.

I was also really uncomfortable opening up to all of these women I didn’t know and uncertain with how I would feel about it. I was harboring so much grief that I couldn’t even effectively communicate with my own husband and family. I was angry. I honestly thought the first or second IUI would get me pregnant and little did I know it would be 4 failed IUI’s before turning to surgery, IVF and yoga to get our miracle baby.

I was able to better connect with my center and find grounding. I consider myself a pretty balanced person, but my experience with infertility was crushing and debilitating. My self-worth was so low and I felt I was having trouble succeeding in other areas of life. I became overwhelmed with despair when friends and close family members announced pregnancies— and then experienced overpowering guilt for not being able to celebrate their happy news.

My own journey fractured my relationships with very close friends— and even my loving sister— because people had such trouble relating to my situation while they enjoyed their own paths to parenthood. The yoga group was always there, eternally patient and always encouraging— always understanding and never judgmental. The friendships and closeness grounded me and enabled me to make clear decisions to find my way to my wonderful son.

Sasha Tulgan | New York City, Manhattan
Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
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From ashamed and depressed to hopeful

My husband and I felt alone, ashamed and defeated after experiencing multiple pregnancy losses. After starting yoga, I felt hopeful again. I was able to function and didn’t feel depressed anymore. I also learned so much about having options and choices. I felt empowered to advocate for myself and make an appointment with a fertility clinic. It was the best choice I ever made.

Jennifer Edmonds | Rochester, NY
Natural Cycle Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate