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My fertility journey prior to CNY Fertility and Fertile Hope Yoga can be summed up into one word: CLINICAL! I worked with two other fertility centers before I found CNY Fertility through the recommendation of a colleague.

With the first two centers, I was treated as an individual who was part patient, part guinea pig. I felt that the staff at those offices didn’t have any compassion for how emotionally, mentally, and physically draining the fertility journey is.

Fertile Hope Yoga allowed me to have time for introspection and reflection and through that, gave me the opportunity to make choices that has brought my life to a more balanced completeness. The yoga program gave me tools to make space in my life for good vibes and positive thoughts by putting an end to negative self-talk and focusing on what uplifts me rather than brings me down.

Being able to express my thoughts and emotions about this journey allowed me to truly focus on each yoga pose and how those movements were bringing me closer to my dream of having a baby.

Crystal Peloquin | Henrietta, NY
Natural Cycle Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
Mother and Daughter


The yoga for fertility program is a vital lifeline for navigating the fertility world when struggling to begin or add to your family.  When I first joined, I was so inspired by the FHY community that I ended up sharing way more than I anticipated (for a shy first timer) and walked away with a renewed sense of hope and a feeling of belonging.

After losing my first pregnancy at 19 weeks, I wasn’t sure how to pick my life back up.  I joined FHY just 3 weeks after my loss and through many tears I was able to share my story out loud.

The compassion and support I received was incredible. I left realizing that I was way stronger than I ever thought and felt that I would be to be able to push through and continue on my journey to creating the family I so desperately wanted.

Sarah Gordon | Rochester, NY
IUI Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
Mother and Sons


After having two ectopic pregnancies resulting in both my tubes being removed, I kept most of my feelings inside. I didn’t talk much about it and just went through the motions. I struggled with the fact that I couldn’t have kids the traditional way. I think it made me tense and build a wall up.

Now I can talk about my situation and I feel comfortable doing so because I know I’m not the only one and I have a support group I can lean on if I need them. I’m even more blessed because I was able to conceive two beautiful children.

The first one I did IVF before the yoga fertility program and I was really sick from the meds and it took a few tries. When my husband and I decided to try again for baby number two, I was lucky to learn about Fertile Hope Yoga’s program and I didn’t get sick from the medicine because I learned great tips from the support group of yoga. I was able to relax and stretch my body and I was lucky enough to have success with baby number two.

It’s helped me really appreciate the things I have in my life.

LeEllen Despaw | Fairport, NY
IVF Secondary Infertility Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
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I felt like no one understood because everyone I knew either had gotten pregnant with no problem or weren’t at the point of wanting kids and all I ever heard was “if you stop trying it’ll happen.” My husband was supportive but he didn’t know exactly what to say either. I felt like I was being over dramatic by being upset but coming to yoga helped me realize that my feelings were all normal and that I wasn’t alone.

I’m always reminded that things could always be worse. Someone always has more struggles than you and it’s important to be thankful for what you do have and also appreciate the ups and downs because it makes us stronger. And I’ve also developed a love for yoga and continue to practice it on my own!

Julie Cenzi | Rochester, NY
IUI Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
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For the first two years of our journey, I only spoke to my husband and our doctors about what we were going through.  For the third year, we finally let some family/friends know— but they couldn’t relate and that made me feel more alone than before.

Once I started going to yoga, I felt free to focus on my mental/emotional health and realized I needed to reconnect with who I was… before all the medical appointments/medications.

During an IVF cycle, it was nice to have time at yoga where I could focus on my breathing versus stress about how my ovaries were doing or worrying about the outcome— even if it was just once per week, it gave me the chance to breathe.

Emily Fogarty | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
Mother and Daughter


Once you can take that first leap and join Fertile Hope Yoga— a net of love, understanding and support will catch you! I was surprised by how much I needed something like this and didn’t even know (at the time) that I did.

I was so ashamed about my infertility, it was almost like the scarlet “I”. At 28 years old, I had followed all the rules: went to college, gotten a job, gotten married, bought a house. I wasn’t one of “those” people that couldn’t have a baby and needed IVF— I was supposed to be normal.

Your mom, your sister, your best friend and in some ways even your husband can’t understand what you are going through. Even though they love you so much they want to be there for you— they just can’t. This program gave me the support and love of women from all walks of life that could. We were all going through the same journey.

The program educated me so much. I learned about different medicines, protocols, surgeries— so many things! I became a better advocate for myself with all the information I gained. In this support circle, I cried so many tears with other women hearing about their stories of loss, surgeries, egg donor, sperm donor, injections, sadness, I could go on and on.

Yoga support helped me to stop focusing so much on the unfairness of infertility but rather on what I could do, how I could move forward, how I could continue living my life. I knew life had dealt me a card that others didn’t have to go through but I couldn’t let that anger and rage consume me. Laughing, crying, complaining, and celebrating with these women who were dealt the same cards in life helped to keep me from drowning in overwhelm.

I know I could have never survived three and a half years of this torture alone. I don’t know where I would be without these women. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am. I don’t know if I would have my beautiful miracle baby. This group kept me going through the hardest time in my life.

Yoga helped me to come to peace with this terrible journey, that I would never wish upon anyone, that I would endure a hundred times again if I could end up with my angel. That is what infertility yoga has given me. These yoga women have taught me so much about endurance, adversity, sadness, trust, and triumph. The more you learn and feel for others, really, the more you learn about yourself.

Abbey Briggs | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate