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For the first two years of our journey, I only spoke to my husband and our doctors about what we were going through.  For the third year, we finally let some family/friends know— but they couldn’t relate and that made me feel more alone than before.

Once I started going to yoga, I felt free to focus on my mental/emotional health and realized I needed to reconnect with who I was… before all the medical appointments/medications.

During an IVF cycle, it was nice to have time at yoga where I could focus on my breathing versus stress about how my ovaries were doing or worrying about the outcome— even if it was just once per week, it gave me the chance to breathe.

Emily Fogarty | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
Mother and Son


At the age of 39, I decided that having a child was a life experience I was not willing to miss out on even though I did not have a partner. I had my initial consultation and medical tests but I was slow to start because of the what I felt was the “uniqueness” of my journey: “single mom by choice.”

When I started yoga, I became motivated. I met women who wanted to help me become a mom because we all did. Even though I was still kind of unique, I was no longer alone.

Fertile Hope Yoga has given me a new level of appreciation, of gratitude, for all of my blessings. I continue to practice yoga, breathing, meditation, and expressing gratitude. I have a network of friends who truly appreciate the miracle of becoming a parent.

Kat Rupp | Webster, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
Mother and Daughter


Once you can take that first leap and join Fertile Hope Yoga— a net of love, understanding and support will catch you! I was surprised by how much I needed something like this and didn’t even know (at the time) that I did.

I was so ashamed about my infertility, it was almost like the scarlet “I”. At 28 years old, I had followed all the rules: went to college, gotten a job, gotten married, bought a house. I wasn’t one of “those” people that couldn’t have a baby and needed IVF— I was supposed to be normal.

Your mom, your sister, your best friend and in some ways even your husband can’t understand what you are going through. Even though they love you so much they want to be there for you— they just can’t. This program gave me the support and love of women from all walks of life that could. We were all going through the same journey.

The program educated me so much. I learned about different medicines, protocols, surgeries— so many things! I became a better advocate for myself with all the information I gained. In this support circle, I cried so many tears with other women hearing about their stories of loss, surgeries, egg donor, sperm donor, injections, sadness, I could go on and on.

Yoga support helped me to stop focusing so much on the unfairness of infertility but rather on what I could do, how I could move forward, how I could continue living my life. I knew life had dealt me a card that others didn’t have to go through but I couldn’t let that anger and rage consume me. Laughing, crying, complaining, and celebrating with these women who were dealt the same cards in life helped to keep me from drowning in overwhelm.

I know I could have never survived three and a half years of this torture alone. I don’t know where I would be without these women. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am. I don’t know if I would have my beautiful miracle baby. This group kept me going through the hardest time in my life.

Yoga helped me to come to peace with this terrible journey, that I would never wish upon anyone, that I would endure a hundred times again if I could end up with my angel. That is what infertility yoga has given me. These yoga women have taught me so much about endurance, adversity, sadness, trust, and triumph. The more you learn and feel for others, really, the more you learn about yourself.

Abbey Briggs | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
Mother and Daughter


Yoga for fertility is a great way to help your mind and body relax throughout the stressful process of fertility treatments. It’s something anyone can do, no matter your physical abilities as it can be adapted to your own level! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed yoga as I went into it very inexperienced and unsure that it was something I would like!

Fertile Hope Yoga provided an awesome support group throughout an otherwise lonely process. It also helped me to stay focused on the end goal and helped reduce frustrations throughout the process by allowing me to relax and release negative thoughts.

Katie Luke | Rochester, NY
Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
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Before Fertile Hope Yoga my fertility journey felt clinical… then it turned into an insightful journey in which my eyes were opened to the wonders of my body and soul. I learned how to feel amazing even though everything might not be going exactly as planned. Yoga for fertility supported me and allowed me to trust my body again.

I began to appreciate things more fully after just a few classes of yoga for fertility. I was more aware of my body and how my mental thoughts affected not only me but those around me. It was truly one of the most rewarding times in my life.

Channeling love and support during concentrated yoga moves nourished my body the way the women in the room nourished my soul.


Liz Liming | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate
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Fertile Hope Yoga is the best club I never wanted to join

Nobody wants to sign up for this and I didn’t think I needed yoga. It’s the best club I never wanted to join.

I was also really uncomfortable opening up to all of these women I didn’t know and uncertain with how I would feel about it. I was harboring so much grief that I couldn’t even effectively communicate with my own husband and family. I was angry. I honestly thought the first or second IUI would get me pregnant and little did I know it would be 4 failed IUI’s before turning to surgery, IVF and yoga to get our miracle baby.

I was able to better connect with my center and find grounding. I consider myself a pretty balanced person, but my experience with infertility was crushing and debilitating. My self-worth was so low and I felt I was having trouble succeeding in other areas of life. I became overwhelmed with despair when friends and close family members announced pregnancies— and then experienced overpowering guilt for not being able to celebrate their happy news.

My own journey fractured my relationships with very close friends— and even my loving sister— because people had such trouble relating to my situation while they enjoyed their own paths to parenthood. The yoga group was always there, eternally patient and always encouraging— always understanding and never judgmental. The friendships and closeness grounded me and enabled me to make clear decisions to find my way to my wonderful son.

Sasha Tulgan | New York City, Manhattan
Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate