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It was lonely and dark before I started yoga. Once I got into the yoga routine and gained the support of others going through a similar journey, I realized that there was hope. I also got great ideas/suggestions or learned about new fertility pathways from Erin and the yoga girls. 

I made connections with people who are now some of my best friends. They are people who understand the journey and who have supported me through the good times and the not so good times. I would have given up without them. I am also more mindful in my life which helps me be present with my fertility yoga success babies and I now love yoga! 

Erin is a gift! She is wonderful – calming, non-judgmental, warm, supportive, optimistic, and encouraging to even those of us who aren’t flexible (and contrary to public opinion, I also learned that yoga isn’t about being flexible). She met me at my level and I never felt like I was “not doing it right.” To those thinking about joining, I’d say just try one class – it can’t hurt and it could change your life (worst case scenario you will end up relaxed and renewed)! It isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

Anonymous | New York City, NY

IUI Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate


I had done 8 IUIs, had one miscarriage, switched to CNY for IVF, but that also failed. I had hit rock bottom and was debating calling it quits when Fertile Hope Yoga had been recommended to me by a good friend, so I decided to give it a chance.

I loved connecting with others from around the country. All the things we talked about and what others shared really inspired me to focus on taking care of myself, not just physically but mentally. I REALLY changed my mindset and attitude and I think that, in combination with everything else, was the major game changer for me. After 1 more failed IUI cycle my doctors recommended donor eggs due to low AMH and low response to meds. I found so much support in the yoga group as I processed this. I enjoyed being a part of a support group that actually supported each other. After a very long and complicated donor process, I got pregnant after my first transfer!

My advice for those still trying to conceive: It can’t hurt to try something different. Give the IGNITE program a try for at least a month and then decide.

Laura Schunk | Rochester, NY

IUI Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate


I didn’t know how badly I needed the community aspect of the program, but I had a sense I could use some support so wanted to join IGNITE. At the time I joined I was just about to start IVF. I had been doing acupuncture for a while but figured adding the opportunity to do a yoga program designed for where I was in my fertility journey could not hurt!

To those on the fertility journey I would say, this journey is hard, and even harder on your own. This program supports you every step of the way and provides a community of people who understand what you are going through. They cheer you on when you have success and lift you up when you are feeling low. 

Anonymous | San Francisco, CA

IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate


We started trying to conceive 3 years ago. It took us a little bit to get pregnant, but five months later we were expecting our first little one. At just shy of 20 weeks there were complications and our son was stillborn. We started trying again as soon as the doctor cleared us, however it took us over a year to conceive again. That pregnancy ended in another loss at 11 weeks. After being so frustrated with our situation and struggling to get pregnant, feeling alone, and not knowing what else I could do differently, I decided to join FHY.

I loved the yoga! I found it really calmed me and acted as a de-stressor at the end of the day. I really did feel like this was something I could do to improve our chances, which I think helped mentally. The exercises in the IGNITE Your Fertility Membership did the same; for example, the vision board exercise really shifted my mindset and reminded me that my past does not predict my future.

This program has helped make me calmer and less stressed and reminded me that we are not alone on this journey.

Anonymous | New York City, NY

IUI Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate


I joined Fertile Hope Yoga after my first failed IVF cycle. I was in a very dark place. My best friend had deserted me after she became pregnant and most of our family didn’t seem to care or understand the magnitude of the struggle we were going through. It affected almost every aspect of our life. We couldn’t plan trips or make plans until the last moment for fear of infertility appointments interfering. We had to borrow against our house to be able to afford treatment. We found that we didn’t fit in with almost anyone our age because they all had families and it just reminded us of what we had tried so hard for and still didn’t have. I couldn’t exercise like I had my whole life to try to manage my stress and anxiety because of all the injections and procedures we had done. It drained us financially, spiritually, and mentally. Infertility is not talked about very often and it seemed it was easier for people to just look the other was or ignore us. I felt very alone and isolated prior to joining Fertile Hope Yoga.

I never thought that I would need a support group. Fertile Hope Yoga has taught me that life is hard and that we need to surround ourselves with people who understand to help us get through the struggles. I found a network of understanding and supportive females who are going through a very similar situation. It was so nice for someone to just understand the process and all the feelings that go along with it. 

After an ectopic pregnancy, diagnosis of severe male factor infertility, miscarriage after our third IUI, and two IVF fresh transfer failures, our FET finally worked!

Lauren Chilman | Commiskey, IN

Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate


In June of 2017 we tried to use our one remaining frozen embryo, but it did not take. This was an emotional disappointment given the success of our first cycle in 2015. We took the summer off to focus on our son and summer fun, and in October of 2017 completed our second full IVF cycle, complete with egg retrieval, etc.

I am now pregnant with a son, due in July 2018! The fertility process has led to an incredible appreciation for my mind-body connection, a new approach to health, and an incredible circle of friends.

It also led to a better understanding of healthy personal boundaries, some unhealthy relationships and family dynamics that needed “house cleaning” and a fierce desire to help other women who are trying to become parents.

Katie DeTar Lalley | Rochester, NY

Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

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