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Ready For Instant Relief No Matter Where You’re At In Your Fertility Journey?

Choose your path to peace below and get started on actionable, sacred practices perfectly paired with where you’re currently at in your fertility journey.

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The Science of Yoga a.k.a
Why Yoga Makes You Fertile

These yoga methods are scientifically proven to...






Benefits of Practicing Yoga for Fertility

  • RELEASE EMOTIONAL TENSIONS and toxins that build up over time when not processed (tension of any kind obstructs energy and blood flow)
  • BALANCE THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the bloodstream
  • DETOXIFIES THE BODY by supporting the lymphatic system
  • IMPROVE DIGESTION AND ASSIMILATION OF NUTRIENTS into the body thereby creating a healthier environment for egg quality and cell growth
  • INCREASES ENERGY AND BLOOD FLOW (nutrients, oxygen, hormones) to the reproductive system, which DECREASES INFLAMMATION and congestion that causes disease.
  • Creates overall health and wellness of reproductive organs and the body, ENHANCING THE FUNCTIONS OF THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS to create a healthier environment for pregnancy.
  • CREATES CONFIDENCE IN OUR BODY and cultivates a COMPASSIONATE AND TRUSTING relationship with our body, and that we can and are doing to work needed to achieve successful pregnancy
  • REDUCES PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSES OF STRESS. These are well recognized through research and studies as known barriers to conceiving. Stress is one of the top barriers to fertility. Yoga reverses the stress response and creates healthy hormone balance. While the stress response is instinctive, the relaxation response must be learned through activities like yoga and breathing.
  • Cultivates emotional and mood stability, REDUCES ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and, helps to process difficult emotions that can cause blockages to fertility.
  • Boost libido

Benefits of Practicing Yoga in General

  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Maintains health of joints and spinal discs
  • Increases overall energy level
  • Improves metabolic efficiency, which helps with weight control
  • Improves mood, reduces anxiety and alleviates depression
  • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Increases flexibility and strength

Did you know?

FHY is a proud partner of 1% for the Planet and has committed 1% of all sales to this non-profit organization that funds projects all over the world to protect and support the environment…the mother that nourishes us all.

What Fertile Hope Mamas are Saying

From feeling the unfairness of infertility to moving forward with my life

Once you can take that first leap and join Fertile Hope Yoga— a net of love, understanding and support will catch you! I was surprised by how much I needed something like this and didn’t even know (at the time) that I did.

Abbey Briggs | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

Every Yoga pose brought me closer to my dream of having a baby

Fertile Hope Yoga allowed me to have time for introspection and reflection and through that, gave me the opportunity to make choices that has brought my life to a more balanced completeness. The yoga program gave me tools to make space in my life for good vibes and positive thoughts by putting an end to negative self-talk and focusing on what uplifts me rather than brings me down.

Being able to express my thoughts and emotions about this journey allowed me to truly focus on each yoga pose and how those movements were bringing me closer to my dream of having a baby.

Crystal Peloquin | Henrietta, NY
Natural Cycle Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

A sisterhood of perfect strangers became my biggest advocates

Joining Fertile Hope Yoga was an escape for my mind. I needed to be in a safe environment where I could laugh at the absurd and cry at the life that fertility treatments create for you. It helped me learn the importance of self care— yoga was a must for me on my fertility journey and now in life. When we started doing basic treatments with our OBGYN, they’re best advice was to “relax and not think about it” (which to me now is the most laughable advice). Yoga and support through Fertile Hope Yoga were key to balancing the non medical side of my journey. The biggest insights/breakthroughs I experienced during the yoga for fertility program was the realization that I am not alone,  that you can be scared and it’s okay, and that a group of women who are perfect strangers can end up being your strongest advocates on this journey.

Julie Goonan | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

I believe Yoga is what helped me have my little miracle

I was afraid to open up about my struggles but joining FHY was the best decision I made. Talking to others who are traveling the same path and the sense of community and support that Erin creates helps to open your mind and heart. I truly believe yoga is what helped me have my little miracle!

Emily Dolce | Rochester, NY
IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate