3x Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant ! 

3 Secrets To Go From Surviving To Thriving In Your Fertility Journey

WITHOUT the struggle, overwhelm and the constant wondering if pregnancy will ever happen for you

 3x Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant! 

3 Secrets To Go From Surviving To Thriving In Your Fertility Journey

WITHOUT the struggle, overwhelm and the constant wondering if pregnancy will ever happen for you

In this Masterclass you’ll learn:

1. What part of your fertility journey you CAN control

And how to use that to considerably reduce your stress and overwhelm.

2. What studies have shown to increase pregnancy rate by 175%

And why this might be the missing piece to help you push forward!

3. Why Western medicine might not support you all the way

And what areas you also need to consider to maximize your chances.

4. How to build resilience and go from surviving to thriving in your  fertility journey

And the roadmap to stacking the deck in your favor to supercharge your chances to get pregnant


Nobody wants to sign up for this and I didn’t think I needed yoga. It’s the best club I never wanted to join.

I was also really uncomfortable opening up to all of these women I didn’t know and uncertain with how I would feel about it. I was harboring so much grief that I couldn’t even effectively communicate with my own husband and family. I was angry. I honestly thought the first or second IUI would get me pregnant and little did I know it would be 4 failed IUI’s before turning to surgery, IVF and yoga to get our miracle baby.

Sasha Tulgan | New York City,

Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

Mother and Sons


I felt lonely until I started this class because I didn’t know anyone I could share with other than my husband and close family. I’ve met some amazing women through yoga that I am now very close with.

I learned that no journey is the same but there are so many women wanting and hoping for the same thing – to be a mom.

Natalie DiMascio | Rochester, NY

IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate


The yoga for fertility program is a vital lifeline for navigating the fertility world when struggling to begin or add to your family. When I first joined, I was so inspired by the FHY community that I ended up sharing way more than I anticipated (for a shy first timer) and walked away with a renewed sense of hope and a feeling of belonging.

The compassion and support I received was incredible. I left realizing that I was way stronger than I ever thought and felt that I would be to be able to push through and continue on my journey to creating the family I so desperately wanted.

Sarah Gordon | Toronto, CA

IUI Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

Fertility medicine is more of an art and not an exact science…

And this coming from a 15+ years fertility clinic practitioner!

The truth is that fertility doctors are not trained to take care of some of the most important factors other than treatments that will have a huge impact on your chances to get pregnant: emotional health, mental health, lifestyle, and stress.

Medical treatments are optional - taking care of yourself isn’t!

Join me in this Masterclass to learn how to finally go about your fertility journey the “easy” way.

This Live Masterclass is a Must Attend if

  • You have been on your fertility journey for a while and tried every treatment (seemingly) but you’re still not making progress.
  • You are struggling with taking care of yourself mentally during this battle and feel overstressed and overwhelmed.
  • You are terrified that after investing so much financially into fertility treatments you will not have a baby at the end and will have no money left to pursue adoption.

A Note From Erin

Roadmap to Miracles is my gift to you. I crafted this roadmap after guiding thousands of women to the mountaintop of their fertility journey. It’s the culmination of 15 years of my professional work dedicated to supporting women who dream of becoming a mom.

One of the biggest challenges when you’re scaling the mountain of your fertility journey is not being able to see when it will end. This roadmap is a bird’s eye view of what to expect each step of the journey before, during and after you receive your positive test result.

If you have the tools and know what to pack for your fertility journey it means more ease, less stress and ultimately peace of mind on your path to success. Plus, you won’t be climbing alone. You’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded women to make your journey faster and easier.

I truly feel God is working through me when I created this roadmap. It’s my life’s work, passion and unique gift to every woman like you who has dreamed of holding a child in their arms.

With your miracles in mind,

Erin Signature