April 11

How to Regain a Sense of Hope After Negative Pregnancy Test Results

By Erin McCollough 

We’ve all been there… that moment when it feels like you’ve hit a wall and lose all hope. Anyone who has struggled to conceive knows the sinking feeling in that moment when only one line stares back at you on the home pregnancy test or you get the dreaded phone call from the fertility clinic with your negative beta results. You are certainly not alone in these moments of despair and even when it feels as though all hope is lost, there are still choices you can make and things you can do to help regain a sense of hope after negative pregnancy test results.

regain a sense of hope

Surround Yourself With Positivity

You have a choice when it comes to what you’re taking in. You can choose messages that will confirm your hopelessness and make you feel worse, or you can choose to take in positivity. Pay attention to what you’re reading, listening to, and the people who surround you if you want to Regain a Sense of Hope After Negative Pregnancy Test Results

I’m a big proponent of reading or listening to books that are uplifting. Writing down three things you’re grateful for each day in a gratitude journal is an excellent way to start shifting your perspective away from what’s lacking in your life toward what’s already abundant.

Download the free fertility affirmation deck from my website to help reset your thoughts and get an infusion of hope. Creating a vision board can also be a powerful way to keep your dream alive and is a useful visual reminder of what you’re working toward. Remember that what you’re feeding your mind is just as important as what you’re feeding your body so be deliberate about what you’re taking in and make sure it’s inspiring.

Surround Yourself With People Who Get It

As lonely as the journey may seem, you are not alone. The people who get the challenges and breakthroughs of the fertility journey are the people who have walked a similar path. Check with your fertility clinic to see if they have an in-person support group that you can attend. One of the strengths of my IGNITE Your Fertility Membership (link) is the tribe that you gain when you join.

You will meet women from all over the world who are each walking their own unique journey but are doing so with the companionship of others. Weekly zoom meetups, affinity groups, and a private facebook group are some of the ways you can connect to other women who ‘get it’ when you join.

Switch It Up to regain a sense of hope

We’ve all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. There is always something you can do to switch it up. You may start by getting a second opinion or seeking out a new care provider. One of the most powerful ways that I’ve seen women switch it up is through lifestyle changes.

I had a client recently who went through an IVF cycle in which lots and lots of eggs were retrieved but none fertilized; you can imagine how devastating that was for her and her husband. They could have given up right then and there but they didn’t. Rather, they took a deep dive. They both changed their diets in a big way, they did a new 90 day med protocol that they hadn’t tried before, they reached out for support, and did whatever they could to change their outcome a regain a sense of hope after negative pregnancy test results.

They are now pregnant with twins! Maybe there is a dietietary shift, exercise routine, supplement, or alternative healthcare practitioner that you’ve thought about trying but just haven’t yet. Perhaps now is the time to take that deep dive into a lifestyle change that you’ve been considering.

Trust Your Intuition

No two paths to pregnancy are alike. There is no one magic way to conceive. There are countless options and opinions, so it is essential that you listen to your gut and own your truth.

It is only when you trust your intuition that you can make the decisions that are right for you with no regrets and regain a sense of hope after negative pregnancy test results.


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In the IGNITE Your Fertility Membership I teach the five core practices of Fertile Hope Yoga: yoga, meditation, mindset strengthening work, gratitude, and community. I have seen time and time again how these practices support women trying to conceive (whether they’re trying naturally, in an active treatment cycle, or on a break).

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You’ve got this!

Hi, I’m Erin and I’m the Founder of Fertile Hope Yoga. For more than a decade, I have led the in-person yoga for fertility program at the CNY Fertility Center. I am the Co-Creator of The Fertile Secret book and have helped thousands of women reach out and hold their baby after they had been told they could never get pregnant.

~ Erin McCollough
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