How To Manage the Stress of Work + Fertility Treatments

By Erin McCollough 

As women we are often conditioned to say “yes” to everything. Notice in your own life, especially your professional life, how often you’re saying “yes” to projects and opportunities, roles and responsibilities, and how often you’re saying, “no.” In this article, I will show you how to manage the stress of work

The thing is, if you’re saying “yes” to work you’re often inadvertently saying “no” to other things, like building your family. 

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Choose your priority to manage the stress of work

I know this isn’t an easy thing to face when society puts so much pressure on women to do and have it all, but I have to ask you a really important question.

What is your priority in this season of your life… is it your work (and more power to you if it is!) or is it creating your family?

If you’ve decided to focus on your fertility, then you may need to start putting boundaries around your work because here’s the hard truth: whatever you want to manifest in your life needs energy and love.

If you’re pouring all of your energy into a high-stress job, and only using the little energy you’ve got let over for your family building efforts, there may be a reason that you’re struggling. It is through your actions that you send a powerful message to the Universe around what you want to manifest in your life. Even if you have a deep desire to have a child, if you keep pouring your energy into your work, your body and the Universe will respond by not making conception a priority. That is why you have to learn how to manage the stress of work

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Ask yourself about your work situation

It’s also important to… ask yourself if your current work situation is serving your life’s purpose at a fundamental level.

Sometimes even if you have good boundaries in place and are devoting energy to your fertility, if the job you’re in is mis-matched with your professional talents or passions, or you don’t manage the stress of work in the right way,  you may need to re-evaluate and make some shifts in your professional life before your body will sense that it’s ready to bring a child into the world. 

I know that it’s not always easy to face job stress and ask yourself these questions, to begin putting boundaries in place or make shifts around your work. I have watched so many women – especially high-powered professional women – in my yoga program struggle with this but ultimately, those women who learn to delegate, who begin to slow down at work, who make the switch to a different job that is a better pace or a better fit… these are the women who are most often successful in achieving their dreams of building their family. It’s not easy, but it is so worth it!

So ask yourself, are the choices you’re making serving you? Are your needs being met and how can you rearrange your professional life to serve you? How will you take action today?

You’ve got this!

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You’ve got this!

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