Before We Talk About Miracles, I Have To Get Real With You.

I’ll never toss inspiring quotes at you and call it a day. I’m not going to recommend a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t work for you. And I’ll never leave you hanging when you’re processing heavy emotions.


Because I believe no woman should ever have to wonder if they get to be a mom if that’s the path they want to walk.

You and I will go beyond painting everything perfect. Instead, we’ll dig into your beliefs holding you hostage.

It’s time to take your body out of fight or flight mode, it’s wreaking havoc on your hormones which make it difficult to conceive with any method. Am I telling you anything you don’t already know? I see you and I’ve got you.

I’ve actually guided thousands of women going through every clinical procedure available in modern medicine.

What I learned is until you address and rewire your underlying beliefs, embrace where you are right now and shore up your support and self-love you’ll keep throwing money at procedures that might not turn out the way you want. This breaks my heart more than anything else. You’re not alone.

I’m here to help you connect the dots and rewrite your fertility story because you’re not the first to face this and you certainly won’t be the last.

I’ve got you, you’ve got this, we’ve got this!




Start Your Breakthrough Fertility Story Now…

Uproot Beliefs: Let’s go straight to the foundation of your beliefs and identify why you feel so stressed and drained. Like you might secretly fear that you’re “broken” and your partner will think less of you if you don’t get pregnant. You’re likely questioning how yoga is even going to help and every insensitive or inappropriate comment is driving you over the edge. What if I told you the deeper the cracks in your foundation the more light can enter and heal the beliefs blocking you from your miracle baby?

Rise + Awaken: Finding the right people to support you will open up whole new worlds. You’ll be inspired and ready to learn while feeling bigger than any circumstance, problem or obstacle. The new voice whispering inside of your mind will be awakened and committed to moving forward in a direction filled with positivity and gratitude. Showing up consistently for yourself allows you to ride the fertility roller coaster with more grace and less chaos.

Radiate Miracles: This is when you look in the mirror and see a woman fulfilled with so much gratitude you almost don’t recognize her. You’ll feel at ease with the inevitable highs and lows of fertility treatments. Stepping into a new appreciation, knowing that you will meet your baby soon and regardless of where the parenting path leads you… it’s perfect.

BREAKTHROUGH | 3-Month VIP Coaching Package with Erin

This is where your true immersive breakthrough begins.
It’s time to take your life back. You and I will reshape the way you see the world and how you show up for your fertility journey.

You’ll learn to turn down the noise of your Facebook feed filled with pregnancy announcements and put more focus, time and energy on being around the people who are eager to support you.

It doesn’t mean secretly crying in the bathroom at baby showers, or being on the verge of tears, will never happen again. Because the friends and family struggle is real.

It’s what you do after all of these emotional experiences, that counts. You’ll learn to turn up the volume on the people who are there to truly uplift you on your fertility journey.

When you train yourself to adjust your attention and energy on the things that will get you closer to expecting miracles everything gets infinitely better.

You sleep better at night knowing you’re able to attend family gatherings without the fear of a surprise pregnancy announcement.

You gracefully pivot the conversation when you’re confronted by your aunt asking about when you’ll have a baby.

You’ll learn how to nurture the voice whispering inside of you that knows exactly what you need to feel your best – soul healing laughter, self-love and the type of kindness you typically only reserve for a best friend are what’s waiting for you.

It’s this collection of small moments that leads you to big miracles.

What Does Your 3-Month BREAKTHROUGH Intensive Session with Erin Include?

Get ready for an action-packed time together full of deep inner work, sacred healing, and resources supported by one of the largest fertility clinics in the world. All the details are below…

90 Minute Deep Dive Call with Erin

We’ll dive deep on your first 90 minute call to kick things off and put together a fertility success action plan to get you on the right track. This is the best option if complete privacy is your top priority on your fertility journey. You’ll walk away with a personalized plan to help you master your emotions knowing you’re bigger than any circumstances that might be holding you hostage.

Weekly Virtual Follow Up Calls + Text Support

To keep the momentum going from week 1 together, we’ll stay connected over the 11 weeks with additional video coaching calls plus text support throughout your fertility journey.

More Support Than You Thought Possible

You’ll feel a thousand times better knowing you have a small army of support backing you up. Between the exclusive Facebook group (which is totally optional) filled with women who are exactly where you’re at, direct access to resources from the staff at one of the largest fertility clinics in the world (including embryologists, nurses and clinical practitioners at your fingertips) your fertility journey will be so much more brighter and clear.

You’ll Get Mail!

Nope, not the digital kind! Instead, I’ll send you a few old fashioned surprise packages delivered to your doorstep. There’s no replacement for the love you can actually hold in your hands.

Access to NURTURE – Yoga for Fertility Program

My exclusive collection of trainings and videos designed to meet you exactly where you’re at and get you to where you want to be in your fertility journey. With innovative videos, thoughtful practices, and a success path you’ll go from just surviving to thriving with daily rituals that will transform how you show up in the world.

Space for 3 Month VIP Coaching with me is limited. Can’t wait to learn more about you!
For your reference, the cost is $2,997 for 12 weeks.