Finding Your Way Through Grief and Infertility

Many struggling with infertility also know the deep pain of loss - failed embryo transfers, chemical pregnancies, or miscarriages. This article explores 7 self-care strategies to help you navigate through grief and infertility. Learn how to take care of yourself to build resilience and so that you can continue on in your fertility journey without getting stuck

Yoga For Fertility – What I Know For Sure

If you are looking for ways to improve your fertility and pregnancy outcomes, while trying to get pregnant, yoga for fertility is a great option to incorporate into your lifestyle. Yoga for fertility is a safe and effective way to boost your fertility, manage stress from fertility treatments, and reduce overall inflammation in your body.

Incorporating Yoga Into Your IVF Cycle to Increase Chances of Success

While you know that your physical health is integrally tied to your fertility, you may be at a loss as to what type of physical activity is best or how to safely move your body while you are in the IVF stimulation phase, or right after an egg retrieval or embryo transfer.  In addition to all the calming, stress reducing, and centering benefits of yoga which already help to boost your fertility by up to 175%, many of the poses are safe and even extremely beneficial while undergoing IVF.
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