Yoga For Fertility – What I Know For Sure

Hi, I’m Erin. I have been working in the healing arts industry for 20+ years and have been supporting women on the fertility journey for the last 10+ years as a member of the CNY Fertility Team and the Founder of Fertile Hope Yoga. After establishing the in-person yoga for fertility program at CNY Fertility, […]

How To Manage the Stress of Work + Fertility Treatments

As women we are often conditioned to say “yes” to everything. Notice in your own life, especially your professional life, how often you’re saying “yes” to projects and opportunities, roles and responsibilities, and how often you’re saying, “no.” In this article, I will show you how to manage the stress of work The thing is, […]

This Strategy Will Help Save Your Marriage During Fertility Treatments

In this article, you will find a strategy that will help save your marriage during fertility treatments. Boundaries to regain control on your fertility journey Boundaries are one of the fastest ways to regain a sense of control on your fertility journey, a journey that often feels beyond your control. Boundaries with family and friends, […]

Love & Loss: 5 Tips for healing after a Miscarriage

If you are reading 5 Tips for healing after a Miscarriage after a loss, I want to begin by saying that I am so, so sorry. The loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy is devastating, and that grief is often compounded if the miscarriage happens after a long struggle to conceive or […]

What to do if you are feeling broken after an infertility diagnosis

If you’re feeling broken after an infertility diagnosis, if it seems like your body just won’t cooperate and everything you try fails, know that you’re not alone. I am sending so much compassion and empathy from my heart to yours. I also want to offer you this: it is often the low moments that allow […]