The Fertile Hope Yoga Team

Erin McCollough, Founder FHY

Erin McCollough is Founder of Fertile Hope Yoga, the world’s first online fertility yoga studio allowing women to practice from the comfort of their living room floor.

For more than a decade, Erin has been leading the industry with her in-person yoga fertility program at the CNY Fertility Center in Rochester, Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse, New York owned by Dr. Robert Kiltz. She’s the Chief Marketing Officer at CNY Fertility Center and Co-Creator of The Fertile Secret book and has helped thousands of women reach out and hold their baby after they had been told they could never get pregnant.

She calls upon her 20 years of training and practice in the healing arts: yoga teacher trainings, licensed massage therapy, Reiki certified, Doula trained, myofascial release, Arvigo Therapy certified to name a few and uses the modalities to change how women approach motherhood .

When she’s not actively helping women become pregnant or traveling to educate at fertility conferences, you’ll find her adventuring on a bike ride with her daughter Amelia.

Yoga Saved My Life And Why It Matters For Your Fertility…

You might be surprised to hear I suffered through a significant depression in my early 20s and was hospitalized. My body was disconnected from my mind and I needed something to save me. That’s when I truly committed to yoga to get me through that crippling time.

Then I was blessed with a baby. EVERYTHING CHANGED.

Any part of me that was not aligned with who I was and my purpose on this earth had to be rewritten. I quit my job in finance and headed back to what I knew was right for me — my work as a healer, a massage therapist, yoga teacher, doula, and energy worker. 20 years later, I’m still using all the knowledge that I gained from every modality I’ve learned.

When my path crossed with Dr. Robert Kiltz of CNY Fertility Center, I knew the second we met that our passion and work in this life was aligned. I immediately joined his team and have been working with him ever since. Fertile Hope Yoga was born with the birth of my daughter.

Motherhood became my catalyst for sharing the power and potential of a yoga practice with women like you.

I didn’t have the tribe or resources like fertility yoga and specific tools I craved as someone dedicated to wellness. So I decided to create it.

Now, I’m grateful to God for everything. From the life crisis that awakened me to my yoga path to the incredibly joyful experiences I share with thousands of moms when they reach out and hold their baby for the first time. It’s my deepest honor and pleasure to witness and be chosen to support any woman on their fertility journey. It’s beyond inspiring and I get to surround myself with the most courageous and fiercest women on the planet!

Erin Signature

When My Life Isn’t All Yoga & Fertility…

  • True Story: I’m related to Amelia Earhart! Pioneering runs deep in my family.
  • I’m also a known nature addict! I love digging my toes into the pink sands of Bermuda’s beaches, climbing the high peaks in the Adirondack mountains, and soaking up the sun. In another life, I must have been a beach and mountain nomad.
  • When I’m traveling to fertility conferences as an expert educator you just might find me with earbuds in listening to anything by Jen Sincero on Audible.
  • Dark chocolate and coffee (together) are what I call the breakfast of champions!
  • Binge watching reality TV shows like Survivor and Ninja Warrior is a weakness of mine (I just love the stories of resilience and inspiration in these shows)!
  • When we meet ask me about my adopted cat Meatball, I’ll tell you about the insane antics of my orange fur baby. He should probably have his own YouTube channel!
  • I can’t live without sharing sweet moments with my daughter Amelia or soul cleansing laughter. They’re my medicine.