Faith is stronger than fear

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I’m Erin, I’m so excited you’re here!

Let’s be honest, you never imagined life would lead you here.

If I could reach out from behind the screen right now and hug you,
I WOULD. Let’s set an intention together right now.

Put aside the jealousy, the strain on your relationship, the overwhelm, the constant wondering “am I doing enough,” the stress of managing life plus fertility treatments. Soften around the heart-stabbing comments from well-meaning family and friends, feeling like you need to put your life on hold, the financial stress, what it’s like to have a hole in your heart from pregnancy loss and feeling alone.

If you get really quiet and listen, your body is telling you it’s ready for more. More LOVE, more PEACE, more GROWTH, and ultimately, more FERTILE potential.

Now, breathe. If your eyes are welling up with tears and your life feels like it’s spinning out of control. I’ve got you.

The muscles you’re strengthening right now are preparing you to be the best mom your child needs you to be — moms who have gone through a fertility journey are the best of the best.

There are always common threads, but no two fertility stories are exactly the same…I want to help you own your story! Let’s honor your unique fertility journey.

So when you look back:

  • You’ll feel BLESSED that you were chosen to go on this journey.
  • You’ll be PROUD of yourself for taking a leap and trying a new approach.
  • You’ll be filled with GRATITUDE for every stumbling block that became a stepping stone.
  • You’ll be surrounded by the most courageous, compassionate, and FIERCE women that exist.

  • On the surface, I teach yoga online so you can heal your body.

    But the deeper work is to UNLOAD YOUR FEAR and anxiety, build your resiliency and transform the challenges you’re facing into opportunities to grow your family.

    Put simply.

    I want you to expect miracles as you go from surviving to thriving.

    Become A Fertile Hope Yoga® Member Today!

    What You Get:




    Ever Growing On-Demand Yoga and Meditation for Fertility Library

    The cycle-specific yoga sequences are safe and designed to meet your needs physically, mentally, and emotionally - exactly where you are at - maximizing the benefits for what is needed to increase pregnancy rates in that part of your cycle. Safe no matter how you are TTC (naturally, IUI, IVF, FET). The library also includes prescriptive yoga sequences for detoxification and cysts.

    Ever Growing On-Demand Yoga and Meditation for Pregnancy Library

    These prenatal yoga videos are safe, can be practiced in any trimester, and are great for beginners. Each video was designed to meet your needs emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically depending on where you are at in your pregnancy. They also are prescription-based to help you navigate the discomforts of pregnancy, strengthen your pelvic floor and promote optimal fetal positioning for your baby.

    Hypnosis for Fertility & Pregnancy Library

    Think of hypnosis as yoga for your brain! Whereas meditation and visualization are working on the more superficial parts of your brain, hypnosis works on the deeper subconscious level to help rewire your beliefs and create deep and lasting transformation.

    Mobile App

    Fertile Hope Yoga member content is all available for you on the go through a convenient mobile app.

    Downloadable Resources

    Yoga for Fertility 101 information sheet, a fertility affirmation deck that is cycle-specific, a pregnancy affirmation deck, a habit tracker to help you make progress, and a gratitude journal.

    Gifts from FHY Graduates

    Access to a “wisdom chest” created by graduates of FHY for when you need a dose of inspiration, love and/or encouragement

    Private member Heartbeat community

    This is an incredible group of women in a supportive and safe place that is NOT on Facebook. The FHY community is hosted on a platform called Heartbeat. Features available to you through the FHY Heartbeat community include a searchable member directory so you can connect with other members in your local area and in similar situations with regard to your fertility journey, the ability to dm and text members, and the ability to have on-demand meets (like zoom) with other members in a private room.


    New monthly challenges, events & classes

    Each month FHY offers an opportunity to connect with special events such as mind/body practice challenges, "happy hour" social events and special holiday support events.


    Affinity Peer Group Access

    This is a game-changing part of being an FHY member. These are groups that you can join to have specific discussions such as IVF, TTC naturally, PCOS, endometriosis, LGBTQ+, TTC age 40+, pregnancy and many more! The members in these groups become your ride or die crew where you can text daily and meetup together. Never feel alone again.


    1-1 Matchups

    A matchup service that you can opt into that will match you with a new FHY member to connect with 1-1 and make new friends as often as you would like.


    Pregnancy & Parenting Support

    This includes pregnancy and beyond peer affinity groups you can join to continue being supported at FHY beyond fertility!


    Group Fertility Coaching

    Access to weekly live group coaching with Erin will help you to transform difficult emotions, create clarity around next steps and help you find your voice.  These sisterhood circles are a game-changer and so important for anyone who is struggling to find their way. These are small groups so you can be heard, seen, and feel safe. Erin offers  you over 15 years of experience supporting women through fertility treatments at one of the largest fertility clinics in the world.


    1-1 Fertility Coaching

    In these intensive 15 minute sessions, you will meet with Erin to discuss your support needs, personal goals, clarify questions, and provide guidance and next steps so that you can move forward with more clarity. Erin holds office hours weekly where you can sign up for a session with her.


    Direct Message Support with Erin

    This includes email support and the ability to direct message with Erin for any needs that arise.


    All Access Pass

    The moment you join, you get on-demand access to the entire library of content that goes back to 2019. FHY has partnered with world-leading fertility experts. This includes masterclasses on nutrition from fertility naturopathic doctors, a vision board workshop, a Maya Abdominal Massage self-care workshop, a belief sheet workshop to help you identify what beliefs are holding you back and so much more!


    Want to have a test drive before?

    I’m going to tell you something you may not have heard before. You might want to lean in for this…

    There are studies that show when women who are navigating fertility participate in support groups their pregnancy rate increases.

    What if you went from 1 in 5 women to 1 IN 2 WOMEN who become pregnant?

    These statistics are from a Harvard research study that shows patients who participated in a mind body program for a 10-week period (which included yoga and meditation) conceived 3 TIMES MORE OFTEN.

    In an age where we process more information in one day than our ancestors did in an entire lifetime, the challenge is to find time to go within. When you have a tribe of the most courageous, compassionate, and fierce women to cheer you on and encourage you every step of the way, you feel understood. Even best friends and family won’t get you like this.

    The support foundation sets you up for LIFELONG success as a mother, partner and woman. You’ll become so much more than a single fertility story.

          What’s on the other side of your miraculous fertility journey?

    • Experience joy NOW rather than having to wait for any milestone in the future.
    • Get off the emotional roller coaster of anxiety and develop a sustainable sense of inner strength and faith regardless of the many unknowns, imperfections and no guarantees.
    • Communicate more effectively with your partner so that you can feel supported, heard and grow stronger together instead of drifting apart.
    • Prioritize yourself and use healthy boundaries with friends, family members, and coworkers so you feel empowered (instead of feeling invisible or violated).

    How do I know all of this?

    Because I’ve taken thousands of women on their fertility journey from surviving to thriving. For more than a decade, my role at the leading fertility center in the U.S. was to guide, support and offer tools and strategies that complemented what the doctors were recommending.

    Western medicine is one part of the equation for women facing fertility issues. Your life is SO MUCH BIGGER than medical treatments. You see, it’s not about choosing the perfect doctor and Googling until you want to cry from information overload. It’s not even about the baby (yet).

    Really, it’s about:

    Addressing and rewiring your underlying beliefs…
    Embracing who you are, where you are right now…
    Shoring up support, love and a net of people to catch you…

    That’s how you overcome any obstacle and persist in your fertility journey.

    Working hand in hand with a reproductive endocrinologist, I’m the only yoga teacher to develop a program that addresses all of this. Put simply, it’s proven, safe and works.

    Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? GOOD, keep reading…

    When I’m not in pigeon pose with my fertility mamas, I’m co-creating programs and books with Dr. Robert Kiltz to reach more women like the Fertile Secret program and The Fertile Secret book.

    I support women LIKE YOU who are tired of missing out on life because you’re so preoccupied by when you might get pregnant. You might be thinking you’re not ready to open up and share your fertility story with a group of women you don’t know!

    I get that.

    But how long have you suffered needlessly, punishing yourself for every “wrong” decision? How long have you felt alone? How long has it been since you felt content with your choice to get pregnant?

    Now, take a deep breath.

    I want you to know this. You can love your body and every choice you make no matter what. It might be hard to

    But I’ve got you, and more importantly I’ll provide you with tools and support to love yourself… to REWRITE your
    Fertility Story.

    It doesn’t matter if you think you hate yoga or have never done it. On the other side of our work together it’s so much more than a yoga program. It’s lasting transformation for your mind and your body. You’ll go from surviving one day at a time to thriving in your fertility journey and motherhood.

    Don’t just take my word for it.

    What Fertile Hope Mamas are Saying

    From Ashamed And Depressed To Hopeful

    My husband and I felt alone, ashamed and defeated after experiencing multiple pregnancy losses. After starting yoga, I felt hopeful again. I was able to function and didn’t feel depressed anymore. I also learned so much about having options and choices. I felt empowered to advocate for myself and make an appointment with a fertility clinic. It was the best choice I ever made.

    Jennifer Edmonds | Rochester, NY

    Natural Cycle Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate


    A Beacon On Hope, Gratitude, Patience, And Perseverance

    Before I started the Fertile Hope Yoga program, my journey was stress and anxiety driven. It became more balanced and less pressured after I started the program. My biggest breakthrough was how to deal with stress in other aspects of my life. Erin was amazing. A voice of reason and a beacon of hope teaching us gratitude, patience and perseverance.

    Mica Venturo | Rochester, NY

    IUI Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

    Family Photo

    Fertility Went From Feeling Clinical To Becoming A Soul-Nourishing Journey

    Before Fertile Hope Yoga my fertility journey felt clinical… then it turned into an insightful journey in which my eyes were opened to the wonders of my body and soul. I learned how to feel amazing even though everything might not be going exactly as planned. Yoga for fertility supported me and allowed me to trust my body again.

    Liz Liming | Rochester, NY

    IVF Success Story + Fertile Hope Yoga Graduate

    Ready to increase your chances of pregnancy 3X with Fertile Hope?